Totem Poles


Totem Poles

  • Our totem poles were produced as part of our Creative Partnerships ‘change project’ which looked at various aspects of change and how it affects our lives.
  • All students were given the opportunity to develop designs for our four totem poles.


  • Primary pupils suggested eggs >chrysalis > butterfly. Secondary students suggested faces with changing emotions. Other pupils suggested saplings > trees > uses of wood such as paper and furniture and Klimpt-like designs > computer-related images.


  • Craig, Nicky and Luke from the Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country came into school for four days to show us what to do and how to work safely. We had to strip the bark, carve the designs, erect the poles and varnish them with linseed oil.
  • We celebrated our achievements with a wonderful whole school assembly. A big thank you to our drummers from the Sunshine Band for helping make it so special!


  • There are also four smaller poles to be decorated with ‘woodland jewellery’ designed and made in DT lessons and made from recycled materials.
  • We are proud to be involved in making such a positive statement about our ability to understand and cope with change and that these totem poles will stand for many years to come.  



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