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CBEC Behaviour Strategy 

At the beginning of half term (February) we launched a new behaviour strategy for secondary students in response to the changing diversity of students’ needs as they move up the school. The strategy encourages and promotes positive behaviour and deters negative behaviour. The aim of the strategy is to improve the learning, achievement and enjoyment of school for all students.


Our simple and positive approach to behaviour management sets out high expectations for all students, at the same time providing high levels of support including individualised mentoring programmes to ensure students achieve these.


At the heart of the strategy are class routines which set standards of behaviour for learning within the classroom. These routines are published in each classroom and teaching area around the school and are frequently referred to. The routines are accompanied by a tariff of positive (credits) and negative consequences e.g. detentions and isolation. Our current reward system will continue as before with students being able to achieve 5 credits each lesson instead of 3 previously.


As an additional tool to support both staff and students we now have an alternative area we call THE ZONE. The Zone has a robust referral system and provides an isolation facility for students presenting high level behaviours. The Zone is staffed all day by a Higher Level Teaching Assistant and a member of the Senior Leadership Team. All behaviours are recorded and monitored.


If you require further information about the strategy or any other information regarding behaviour matters of safeguarding children please contact us and we will be pleased to help.


 Our 5 Classroom Routines

1. We get to lessons on time

2. We listen and work

3. We talk about our work with the people next to us in a quiet voice

4. We say and do only good things

5. We stay in class all lesson

 Consquences Tariff

For choosing bad behaviour we get…

Behaviour choice Consequence Tariff (parents told)
Late to lesson Detention
Not listening/working Detention
Shouting out/talking in class Detention/Isolation
Bullying/aggressive behaviour Isolation/exclusion
Leaving the classroom Detention






 Rewards Tariff

For choosing good behaviour we get…

Behaviour Choices Good Consequences
On time to lesson 1 Credit
Listening and working 1 Credit
Quiet talking about work 1 Credit
Saying and doing good things 1 Credit
Stay in lesson 1 Credit

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