At Castle Business and Enterprise College many of our pupils find change difficult and moving from the primary department into the secondary department is a major step for pupils in year six.  In order to support them we have developed a Transition Program that is reviewed every year depending upon the needs of the pupils.

Transition Steps

Step 1

During the Summer Term I will visit the pupil at their school and meet the pupil, staff and parents.

Step 2

Arrange the sessions for pupils to attend Castle and meet the rest of their group and get to know staff and the building.  These are afternoon sessions where pupils get to meet each other and the staff, complete some worksheets about themselves take pictures for their Transition Book and play team games.


Step 3

Attend castle for a whole day so they get to take part in playtime, dinner time and the general routine of the day.  They complete their booklets to take home with pictures they have taken of staff and rooms they will be working in when they attend school.

Step 4

During their first year in the secondary department they will be taught by their form teacher for the basic curriculum.  A named teaching assistant will be allocated to the form and will go with them to all other subjects.

We have found that this approach gives support but develops the independent skills of pupils ready for full integration into the secondary department.


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